Nothing is as painful as spending half a paycheck on your hair and then seeing your beautiful color go down the drain…literally! A little fading over time is to be expected but if your color fades too quickly, it could be the products you’re using on your hair! Non-color safe shampoos and conditioners will strip the color and even being out in the sun for too long can start to fade your hair.

Here’s 5 products to help your color last longer!


1. S Factor True Lasting Color Shampoo

Gently cleanse your hair with this amazing smelling shampoo!


2. S Factor True Lasting Color Conditioner

Hydrate your hair with the True Lasting Conditioner!


3. S Factor True Lasting Colour Oil

This oil softens your hair, adds shine, and seals in color. Use it on your mid lengths to your ends and marvel in your beautiful, protected color!


4. S Factor Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth hydrates and locks in moisture with it’s incredibly silky serum formula. Our top stylists swear by this product and you will too!


5. Bed Head Beach Bound

A new product by TIGI, Beach Bound is a light spray that products your hair and adds texture. Perfect for beach days when you want to look great but you don’t want to compromise your color! 

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5 Products to Tame Frizzy Hair

Humidity got you down? Never fear, TIGI has amazing products to tame the frizz and leave you with gorgeous locks!

1. S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer smells like a strawberry smoothie and gives a one two punch on frizz! Apply before blow drying and enjoy defrizzed hair!

2. Bed Head After Party smells so fresh and so clean! It’s a soft smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair! Put it in before you blow dry or use a small amount on your fly aways to keep your morning after hair looking perfect!

3. Bed Head Blow-Out is After Party’s extra shiny cousin! A golden illuminating shine cream, it will smooth, tame, and add a gorgeous gold shine! Add to wet hair or bump up dry hair, this product works double duty!

4. Bed Head Straighten Out comes in a tiny bottle, but never fear, this is the most hard hitting of all the products! It defying humidity up to 98% and keeps hair straight all day.

5. Spoil Me is the perfect finishing spray to keep your sleek style lasting all day! This hair spray won’t frizz up your style like other hair sprays can, instead it works with your other taming products to keep your hair tame.

BONUS TIP: Get a nozzle for your blow dryer! It pushes all the hair in a smaller direction and helps tame the frizz even more!

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<p>Our Anniversary is coming up! Come celebrate with champagne, snacks, and a raffle with a chance to win several amazing prizes! <br/></p>

Our Anniversary is coming up! Come celebrate with champagne, snacks, and a raffle with a chance to win several amazing prizes!

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Rococo Salon now has a Snapchat! Friend us for a behind the scenes look at the salon! Our name is “rococosalon”. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram “rococosalonla”. In addition to photos of clients, we also post great deals exclusive to our Snapchat and Instagram friends!

Here’s a few photos we’ve posted recently!

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Check out three of our top favorite up and coming trends!

1) Crimping!

Yes! You can dig out your old crimping iron! This look we’re seeing all over the runway and as well as on the street. Here are a couple of crimping tips.

1) If you’re using a older crimping iron, (one that does not have a temperature  setting) you want to make sure you are being extra careful not to burn your hair! We recommend buying a crimping iron that has a temperature setting.

2) HEAT PROTECTOR! Like any kind of heat styling you want to use a heat protector spray. We recommend Haute Iron Spray by TIGI Catwalk ($19.95)


3) Getting creative! There are endless possibilities. Crimping a sectionyou are going to braid. Crimping just a few random pieces. Crimping your whole head.




2) Blunt Bob!

Were really loving this trend. You can dress it up glamorous or dress it down messy.





This trend made it a little late to the summer party but we still love it! Its great for summer BBQs and music festivals!


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A while ago, the Ombre, made its way into our lives, and we have been pretty happy with what its produced over the years,

Then shortly we started hearing talk about Balayage, and now, we introduce the Sombre!

There are so many variations of each of these techniques, We are here to clear up and questions on these terms, and explain them each individually.

OMBRE:Adjective: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color. From light to dark. From dark to light.

An Ombre is exactly this, A shaded OR gradual tone in color.

An ombre technically can have a blunt line, like this even though its more popular to have a more blended version. image


SOMBRE:  A soft, subtle ombre

Sombre, The same as a Ombre, only more subtle and natural. Like these.



BALAYAGE: A sweeping, painted effect.

A sweeping technique, Its a very creative and organic process. The artist will strategically place lighter pieces in the hair. Usually doesnt have as many light pieces of hair as a ombre or sombre.  



All of the examples here on these different techniques are very basic, Keep in mind there are a million different variations to each technique.

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Summer is almost on its way out, but before it does, you may have a last minute trip to go on! Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain beautiful hair during your vacation.

Your hair is the last thing you really want to worry about on vacation, but you still want to look good during, right?! Traveling can be rough on your hair, you’re going to places with different temperatures and weather you’re most likely not use to. Here are some tips whether you are going to a more humid tropical location, or a dry hotter location.


Humidity! The hairs worst enemy. Usually when going to a place that is very humid, you don’t want to really spend the time blowing out, curling, straightening your hair because the moisture in the air will return it back to its natural texture with added friz! A few things we can do to help that.


Using a smoothing product will be your best friend! You want to make sure you are still putting a product in your hair, even if you plan on putting your hair up just to help control friz and keep your hair hydrated.

We recommend

S Factor: Smoothing Lusterizer($30)


Bed Head: Straighten out ($20)-
48 hours of smooth hair,even in 98% humidity! (Apply a small amount in even sections!)



A friz fighting conditioning treatment. Helps cut down drying time. Reduces friz. Minimizes curl pattern by a little and leaves hair smooth and much easier to manage.


 We all know to make sure to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water when visiting the higher temp areas, But you might forget that your hair also needs sunscreen and hydration. Luckily its a very easy thing to do!


To keep hair hydrated and sun protected:

We love TIGIs Hair Reborn- Time extened Moisture Lotion ($40) Apply on damp hair for amazing hydration! 


In higher temps, you’re more likely to sweat it out, and with the heat and dry weather, your hair might overcompensate oil for added moisture. This is when a DRY SHAMPOO will be a life saver! Spray right at your root to eliminate oil and sweat!


Oh Bee hive ($19)

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Hair accessories- not your average butterfly clip from elementary school days. Were talking about the upgraded version. Whether you are the boho type, trendy type or a classic type. There are a ton of amazing things you can do to dress up an simple style.

When running late and don’t have time to do your hair and a simple up style will have to do, hair accessories are a great and easy way to finish off your style!






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 Nothing beats a hot shower, but in fact that hot water is assisting in washing your amazing color down the drain. Your hair shaft is much like your skin, the higher temperature of the water will open your cuticle allowing those vibrant color molecules to wash away from your hair. Try washing with a luke warm, or even cold wash if you bare it.

Secondly, there is more to your shampoo and conditioner than the delicious scents and pretty bottles. Most shampoos and conditioners that you get from your friendly neighborhood grocery are at a high alkaline level. I hate to bore you with the “sciencey “stuff but facts are facts, but here goes. Your hair and skin has a natural Ph balance of a 4.5-5.5, this is called ‘ACID BALANCED’. Your hairs natural oils create what is called the ‘ACID MANTLE’. In English, you don’t want to put alkaline product on your hair, it causes the cuticle to open, and effects the hairs porosity (your hairs ability to absorb moisture, and hold onto color), and the overall health of your hair. Your average professional products are acid balanced and if it’s worth keeping your color, health and shine, go ahead and indulge yourself in the extra cash and invest.

imageYou really should be only washing your hair every 2-3 days. Right now, if you’re an everyday washer, your hair is over compensating in oil production. It’s an adjustment, but with the help of a simple dry shampoo your hair will adjust within approximately 10 days. This will allow your color to last longer as you lose an average of 20% of your color per wash. In between washes you can do a rinse with some tepid water. Run your fingers along your hair and scalp allowing the oil and dirt from your everyday life to rinse away. This is also helpful with styling. As we discussed, heat opens the cuticle allowing that well spent money to blow away with your hairdryer and ironing. If you’re washing your hair less, there is no need to blow-dry it every day.


Last but not least, after care. There is a very special secret I am going to share with you…. FABULOSO! This is truly a miracle conditioner. Your stylist will custom formulate a conditioner for you using either Fabulosos’s repair or volume conditioner, and actually add ANY color into it. The conditioner is 20% color, so every time you wash, your adding color back in. Keeping your hair both vibrant and healthy at the same time.

imageCome on into ROCOCO SALON and visit one of our amazing ROCOCO Dolls, we’ll be sure to give you all of these tips and many more to keep you looking good all year around.

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TIP #1: SPF…For your hair!

Ever notice that your hair starts to get this green tint to it every summer? (Especially you blondes?) You can thank the chlorine for that one! This summer before jumping in, wet your hair before hand (By doing so, your hair will not absorb as much chlorine water) and saturate with TIGI Colour protecting conditioning tonic,it will keep your hair super moisturized with a built in SPF! Also helps protect your color from fading! Its a miracle.



Make sure to keep not only your body hydrated, but your hair as well. With the higher temps and dryer weather, your hair can really take a beating during the summer. Make sure you are using something to keep your hair hydrated. S Factor’s Papaya leave in moisture spray($30), is not only a great at keeping your locks hydrated , but smells absolutely amazing.


TIP #3- Tame that mane

No one wants to spend an hour in front the the mirror during the summer. Try these simple styles for the summer!

If you have medium to long hair, we all know of the fish tale braid, but for those of you who don’t, its a two strand braid where pieces from either side are crossed over to the other, simple enough. Try playing it up with a pony tail fish braid, or pig tail fish braids, the possibilities are endless, and don’t take up your whole morning before you hit the beach.


For those with shorter hair, Bobbie pins can be your best friend ( when used correctly). The most common mistake with Bobbie pins vs hair pins, are how Bobbie pins can be placed. Bobbie pins are designed to be places up against the scalp. So long are the Bobbie pin is put in right up against the scalp it should stay right in place. Playing with your natural texture, you can manipulate your hair into a cute simple up-do in a matter of minutes. I have shoulder length hair, and I let it air dry, its fairly wavy. I will prep my hair after its dry with a light oil, like the Restorative Illuminative oil (32$) from TIGI. Working it in my natural curl, just to give a little definition to the curl and tame any friz I have going on. Then this part is very organic, You can twill and twist pieces up and pin them, I usually start in the back and them combine in the front pieces, swooping them back. (Similar to this)


TIP #4: Natural Glow!

For the summer less is more in make-up! Go for a natural glowing look.

FACE: Try a light foundation (My favorite by is bare minerals) ($27)

Light bronzer for that natural glow, “Flushed” by Naked($30) is one of my favorite pallets.image


EYES: Mascara and Light liner (if any) maybe a charcoal or even brown. Neutral colors are great for a natural look. (BAD GAL LASH $19)


LIPS: Nude lips are a great finish to a natural look. If your looking to spice it up a little pink is definitely the way to go.


And Lastly,


When you think self tanning, it can be a little intimidating, Not all of us get that perfect tan naturally, so you may turn to self tanning solutions. There are so many tanning lotions products on the market right now. I don’t personally have a favorite but “Jergens Natural Glow”($10) has produced some great results. Here are a few tips if you plan to go on the self tan route.


ONE: Exfoliate! Exfoliate any part that you plan to use the lotion on. By doing so you are creating a smoother surface for the lotion to go on ultimately making your “tan” even and smooth.

TWO: Use gloves, so your hands don’t get a tan as well. 

THREE: Apply in light layers, some of the lotions can have a oil consistency, but applying in light layers gives you have greater control ensuring you are applying evenly throughout!

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